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Layer 1 protocol for real world assets - Built to be the destination for $13 trillion in tokenized alternative assets

What is Allo?

Allo blockchain is a Layer 1 blockchain for real world assets. Designed to power a $13 trillion market for alternative assets—including private equity, real estate, art and commodities. Allo protocol is building novel applications across programmable funds, tokenizing real world assets, trading and staking.

What can I build?

1. Build programmable funds

New financial technology primitives with programmable smart contracts to transform private equity.
Faster transactions
  • Programmable Operations: Allo's programmable smart contracts automate a large volume of operational tasks including fund distribution, dividend payments, and compliance measures.
  • Quick Decision Making: The platform's on-chain voting features allow for quick, efficient decision-making, which is crucial in fast-paced financial markets.
Lower costs
  • Reduced Intermediaries: Allo's blockchain-based governance and ownership model significantly reduces the need for traditional intermediaries like brokers and administrators, subsequently lowering transaction fees.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: The automation features afforded by smart contracts substantially cut down operational expenses, particularly across compliance, auditing, and administrative tasks.
On chain governance
  • Decentralization: On-chain governance on Allo blockchain allows for decisions to be made by a community of token holders rather than a centralized authority.
  • Transparency: Every governance-related action is recorded on-chain, making it easier to audit and analyze governance decisions.

2. Tokenize real world assets

Converting illiquid real-world assets into tradable digital tokens.
Access liquidity
  • Fractional Ownership: Allo's tokenization protocol allows for the conversion of high-value, traditionally illiquid assets like real estate or art into smaller, digitized shares. This fractional ownership model democratizes investment by allowing a much broader spectrum of investors to participate.
  • Global Markets: Thanks to its borderless nature and compliance with international financial regulations, Allo Blockchain makes it easy to trade these tokenized assets across global markets. This significantly broadens the pool of potential investors, substantially enhancing liquidity.
Lower transaction costs
  • Streamlined Processes: Allo Blockchain has incorporated a range of smart contracts to automate various administrative tasks including compliance checks, reporting, and transactional procedures. This leads to a significant reduction in overhead costs.
  • Reduced Intermediaries: By using blockchain to handle transactions, Allo eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries like brokers, further cutting down transaction costs and speeding up execution.
Raise capital faster
  • Faster Fundraising: With Allo, asset owners and enterprises can tokenize their holdings as a way to raise capital more efficiently. This method opens up a variety of fundraising opportunities previously unattainable through traditional financial systems.
  • Asset Interoperability: Thanks to Allo's highly interoperable design, tokenized assets can be easily integrated with existing decentralized finance (DeFi) systems. This allows for innovative financial products like asset-backed lending and staking.
Secure and transparent transactions
  • Immutability: Allo Blockchain employs a robust consensus mechanism to ensure that once transactions are verified and recorded on the blockchain, they cannot be altered or deleted, offering unparalleled transparency.
  • Compliance: Allo's smart contracts come with regulatory compliance coded in, ensuring that all tokenized assets and transactions adhere to local and international laws. This eliminates the risk of inadvertent non-compliance, thereby increasing investor trust.

3. Trade illiquid assets

Trading traditionally illiquid assets
Enable private equity trading
  • New Asset Classes: By enabling the tokenization of traditionally hard-to-trade assets like real estate, art, or even IP rights, Allo brings new investment opportunities to the market. Investors can now trade in assets that were previously beyond their reach.
  • Seamless Integration with Exchanges: Allo’s blockchain design allows for easy integration with existing cryptocurrency and asset exchanges. This further facilitates the trading of these newly liquid assets, giving them a marketplace almost instantly.
Instant settlements
  • Instant Settlements: Traditional asset trades can take days to settle, whereas Allo’s blockchain facilitates almost instantaneous settlements. This feature is particularly important for trading in volatile markets where asset values can change rapidly within short periods.
  • High-Frequency Trading: The fast, automated nature of the blockchain makes it ideal for high-frequency trading strategies. Algorithms can execute a large number of orders at speeds unattainable through manual trading.
Widen trading pools
  • Trading Pools and Liquidity: Allo's design supports the creation of liquidity pools, providing a mechanism for automated market-making. This feature ensures that there is always a buyer or a seller on the other side, effectively solving the problem of illiquidity for niche or specialized assets.
  • Automated Trading Bots: Investors can deploy automated trading bots that operate based on smart contracts. These bots can make trades based on preset conditions, ensuring that investment strategies are executed with precision.
By fundamentally transforming the trading landscape for illiquid assets, Allo Blockchain provides a potent combination of accessibility, low costs, and efficiency, thus democratizing private equity like never before.
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